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July 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I was at the grocery store and noticed a beautiful arrangement of flowers for sale. Peonies, roses and hydrangeas in so many beautiful colors I wanted to buy them all but walked out not purchasing a one... but I couldn't stop thinking of them.


That night I came up with the idea of a DIY wedding bouquet and how that would justify buying so many flowers! So I went back to the grocery store and picked up peonies, white roses, berry looking filler (sorry florists, I don't know the correct name!) and two additional fillers. The total was $34. 67


I came home and started unpacking and randomly arranging them.


Although I randomly arranged them I did so keeping in mind to keep things even and looking nice.


I made the best of all the flowers and used some left over filler to put around the house


After I arranged the flowers and was satisfied with the way it looked, I wrapped the stems with floral tape, and cut the stems.


To wrap the stems, I used a tulle instead of ribbon only because I had tulle in my supplies but not a good ribbon.


The last step is to add some pins. I had these in my sewing supplies.


And Voila, you've got a wedding bouquet! Not too bad for my first time around using grocery store bought flowers and supplies laying around in my workspace. It was fun too, flowers are an instant mood booster!




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